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Hot Weather Tips for Race Fans

Posted: Tuesday, August 11th, 2009 at 7:29 am

With temperatures in the upper 80s for most of Marion County this week, residents and visitors should stay cool during the 49th Annual Superclean Knoxville Nationals. Judi Van Hulzen, public health nurse for Marion County Public Health Department says residents should stay inside during peak hours of the day and make sure to drink lots of non-alcoholic fluids. She adds people heading outside or to the racetrack should always wear bright-colored clothes and sunscreen. Van Hulzen says all residents, especially vulnerable groups such as the elderly, need to check any medications they use which may lessen sensitivity to heat, check on neighbors during a heat spell, and limit their time in the sun while wearing loose, light clothing. Van Hulzen adds resident experiencing heat-exhaustion symptoms of dizziness or fainting, muscle cramps, heavy sweating, nausea or a weak or rapid pulse should cool themselves down immediately and may need to seek medical attention.