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City Council Discusses Loose Pet Fines, Longs Give $25,000 in Establishing Library Endowment Fund

Posted: Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009 at 6:30 am


The Knoxville City Council is looking at lessening the fines first-time offenders pay if their pets are ‘at-large’, or running around without control. Right now a first-time offender of the city’s animal control code would pay a $100 fine and court costs, among other charges, and the city is looking to lessen the first-time fee.

The Council also discussed making a distinction between ‘event signs’ posted around the city as having to be taken down in a shorter amount of time than the current 30-day period for event signs, among other potential changes. In other news, the council approved the base contract for the Newbold Drive Sanitary Sewer Extension Project.

The Council also approved the establishment of a Knoxville Library Endowment Fund, with $25,000 donated from Margaret M. Long and Don H. Long.