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Several Factors Contribute to Delayed Corn Harvest

Posted: Thursday, October 15th, 2009 at 6:29 am

A slow start during planting season, cool temperatures in July, and a rainy October have all attributed to a delayed crop harvest in the area. Tracy Gathman, General Manager of Two Rivers Cooperative in Pella says much of the corn already harvested or still in the fields still needs time to dry.

“Moisture levels on the corn are a little higher than what we’ve been seeing the past few years, and that will slow harvest some, due to the need to run things through the dryer,” Gathman says. “There’s only so much crop you can put through a dryer in a limited amount of time, and that may slow things down a bit.”

He says a transition into a more typical fall weather pattern is hopeful and will help all parties involved with bringing in the crop.

“We’d like to see this [crop] dry a little more just as the producer would. If we can get back into those 65 degree temperatures next week and get a few days of sunshine and maybe a little breeze to kick up with it, we could see these moisture levels drop, and that would be helpful.”

Gathman adds that farmers are not completely behind schedule just yet, as historically the harvest season has sometimes lasted into early November. Warmer temperatures and more sunshine are in the forecast for the early part of next week.