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Hospice Care Discussed for National Hospice Care Month

Posted: Monday, November 16th, 2009 at 6:27 am

November is National Hospice Care Month, and even though many people know what a hospice is, there are still some misconceptions about what hospice does and who they help. Carol Verhey, with Hospice of Pella, says hospice care can be a great help during a stage of life that people don’t often talk about.

“Hospice just walks people through the dying process; and in a very dignified way. I think too they allow patients to do it their own way,” says Verhey. “There’s not a certain way to die, but what hospice does so well, I think, is to let you know what to expect.”

Verhey says that hospice provides a different type of care than a hospital would.

“Hospitals and doctors are so focused on healing, and sometimes we get to the point where that’s not possible anymore. Hospice, with the care that they give, it’s all about comfort.”

Verhey adds that hospice care also helps a great deal with the families of those who are dying. She encourages anyone with questions to contact their nearest hospice care facility.