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Students Making Fast Work of Habitat for Humanity Home in Pella

Posted: Friday, November 6th, 2009 at 6:25 am

Progress has been swift-moving on the Habitat for Humanity home that is being built by members of the Pella High School construction trades class and other volunteers. Course Instructor Mark Goodrich says several major features have been added in the last few weeks.

“We finished pouring concrete last week, so we got the driveway done and the sidewalks done,” said Goodrich. “We’ve been working on putting vinyl siding on. Last week Doug Kooyman came by and they blew in the insulation and gave us a demonstration on that. Pella Corporation [also] came over one day and helped us install windows and doors…”

The students working on the home are all seniors, including Clint Reeves, who says working on the facade of the single-level home has been his favorite part of the project, but also has been the most challenging.

“Actually fascia [has been the hardest part] as well; it was kind of a new challenge. Nailing it in is kind of difficult,” said Reeves.

Classmate Jon Elsloo says working on the Habitat for Humanity home will provide him with valuable knowledge and experience he can use in the future.

“I get to use this in future reference for my own house. Like if anything goes wrong, I can be able to fix it without having to call somebody and I can save some money too.”

Goodrich adds that hanging drywall inside the house and landscaping work while the weather is warm are the next milestones for the class to reach. The home is located near the intersection of Prairie Street and Oskaloosa in Pella, and belongs to Shawn and Hillary Vande Kieft.