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Tips For Picking the Perfect Natural Christmas Tree

Posted: Tuesday, November 24th, 2009 at 6:23 am


Natural Christmas trees are beginning (or have already begun) to go on sale at various locations as residents begin decorating for the holiday season. Dennis Van Gorp at De Bloemen Hof in Pella says buyers should keep their tree ornaments in mind when selecting a natural tree.

“Basically uniform shape, fullness, and strength of the boughs for varying weights of ornaments [should be kept in mind],” says Van Gorp.

Van Gorp adds that other preference decisions include a tree’s color and size.

Nola Vander Streek with Vander Streek Acres of Pella recommends a “hands-on” approach to checking for freshness.

“Feel the tree, see if it’s flexible. That’s why we recommend a farm tree [because] you know it’s fresh,” says Vander Streek. “But if you are going to buy one at a store, make sure it has a flexible needle to it.”

Both Vander Streek and Van Gorp add that after purchasing a natural Christmas tree, the bottom two inches of the trunk should be cut off and the tree placed in water immediately afterward to ensure it stays green through the holiday season.