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Evenson’s Hallmark Closes their Knoxville Location

Posted: Thursday, December 31st, 2009 at 6:27 am


Evenson’s Hallmark is closing their Knoxville location as soon as possible, according to the store manager. Hallmark employees found out at 10:30 am Wednesday morning that their place of work was closing when their district manager showed up with 50% off liquidation signs. The store manager says Knoxville employees are unsure when exactly the store will be closed, as it depends on how long it takes to clear out merchandise in the store. A large portion of the store’s inventory was relocated Wednesday when trucks picked up items to bring to other locations. Evenson’s owns over 30 Hallmark stores and is closing down 4 of them this week, the Knoxville location, one in Waterloo and two others in the Minneapolis area. Store employees have not been relocated or offered other positions.


updated from 5:12 pm 12/30/09