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Local Businesses Cite Added Value in Shopping Locally

Posted: Saturday, December 12th, 2009 at 6:23 am

As the weekends between now and Christmas become fewer and fewer, the activity among holiday shoppers is likely to build. Mike Schurring, owner of Franklin Street Clothing in Pella says he thinks consumer attitudes are positive this season, but thinks shoppers will also be practical with their purchases. Schurring says practical shoppers should consider the benefits to shopping at local businesses.

“I think that there’s parking convenience, there’s personal service… I think there’s a lot of advantages to shopping locally – it doesn’t take as long and I think it’s really convenient to shop here in town,” says Schurring

At Stravers Cellular, manager Matt Menninga agrees with Schurring’s statement on the added value of customer service that is offered by local businesses.

“Our overall goals for sales really aren’t that important, but as long as we keep everybody happy, [and] get them the phones they’re after, it’s going to be good,” says Menninga. “I think the sales will come if we can keep our emphasis on that.”

Menninga says a consumer shift to smart phones and cell phones with internet capabilities are making new cell phones and data plans one of the top gifts this Christmas.