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Non-Safety Related H1N1 Flu Shot Recall

Posted: Wednesday, December 16th, 2009 at 6:32 am


According to Kim Dorn, Director of Marion County Public Health, an H1N1 vaccine manufacturer has recalled 4 batches of their vaccine.  This is considered a non-safety related recall.  Dorn says Sanofi Pasteur notified the CDC and FDA on December 7th that the potency of their batches were found to have dropped below a pre-specified limit.  Dorn says there is no significant reduction in the immune response in those who received the vaccine and there is no need to re-vaccinate children who have received one or both doses of the affected vaccine.  Also, there is no need to re-vaccinate anyone who received vaccine from one of the affected doses.  In related news, Knoxville Hospital and Clinics held an H1N1 flu shot clinic last night and had a higher than anticipated turnout, and began earlier than expected because of the size of the crowd.