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Pella Christian Kindergarten Teacher Named ‘Teacher of the Month’ for November

Posted: Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009 at 6:23 am

A kindergarten teacher at Pella Christian Grade school is the latest winner of the Ulrich Ford, Lincoln, Mercury Radio Teacher of the Month. Rosie Terborg was nominated by a student for lessons taught in the classroom and the affection she shows to her students. “Miss Rosie” as her students call her, has taught Kindergarten at Pella Christian Grade School for 11 years.

As the winner of the Ulrich Ford, Lincoln, Mercury Radio Teacher of the Month, Terborg will receive the use of a vehicle for a month and a check to Pella Christian Grade School for $250, courtesy of Ulrich Ford, Lincoln, Mercury in Pella.

Her nomination –

“I love Miss Rosie.  She’s the best teacher in the whole wide world.  My mom asks me why she’s the best teacher and I tell her these things about Miss Rosie.

1. She teaches me about really cool things.

2. She tells me that she loves me every day.

3. She reminds me every day that God loves me and that she is doing her job for the Lord.

4. She is getting me ready for 1st grade.

5. She gives us quiet claps for eating our lunches and hip hip horrays for doing good things.

6. If we bump our noggins, we get ice packs and if we have owies, the girls get princess bandaids and the boys get rockets.

7. She prays for my family and that makes me feel better when I miss them.

8. She sings beautiful songs that help us to learn and listen.

9. She can somehow keep the whole class quiet and learning.

10. She loves all of her kindergarteners, and we all love her.

Please consider Miss Rosie for the teacher of the month.  She deserves a hip hip horray for all she does.”