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First Responders Work Together in Emergency Situations

Posted: Saturday, January 9th, 2010 at 6:24 am

The latest winter storm required a lot of teamwork between our first responder teams. The Knoxville Fire Department, Knoxville Rural Fire Department, Marion County Sheriff’s Department and county road crews all worked together on a variety of emergencies, including a building fire in Knoxville Friday. In Pella, Jean Van Wyk with the Rural Electric Cooperative also states that Marion County Road Crews played a critical role in plowing roads that allowed crews to access the site so power could be restored quickly. Knoxville Fire Department Chief Mike Roberts says they train to prepare for the worst. Marion County Emergency Management Coordinator Jeff Anderson says that during bad weather it’s important to be able to rely on other first responder teams. Kenny Thompson, Knoxville Rural Fire Department Fire Chief adds that it’s all about people’s safety. Anderson, Roberts and Thompson also wanted to thank Marion County Dispatch, for coordinating all of the crews and keeping things under control during the emergencies.