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Korean Teachers Spending Time at Pella Christian Grade School

Posted: Tuesday, January 19th, 2010 at 6:23 am

The Pella Christian Grade School is currently hosting two teachers from South Korea. Pella Christian Grade School Principal David De Jong says the opportunity is a great experience for everyone at the school.

“To get our students’ awareness increased throughout Christianity and what it looks like around the world is probably one of the best things that comes from this program,” says De Jong. “Our students have interactions with the teachers from South Korea, our teachers have a lot of interactions with them, and it’s something we hope God continues to bless for many years.”

Through the assistance of a translator, researcher and teacher Ji-Hyun Kim says she has enjoyed her interactions with the students.

“The students here are very welcoming, they’re very cheerful and bright, and they greet us with smiles,” said Kim. “I’m a little envious or jealous, in a way, that these students can study and grow up in such a good Christian environment.”

Joining Ji-Hyun Kim at Pella Christian Grade School is Kyoon-Je Cho, who is a math teacher in Korea. The teachers arrived in Pella on January 9th and will continue to spend time at the Pella Christian Grade School for the remainder of the month.