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New Gun Permit Proposals

Posted: Tuesday, January 19th, 2010 at 6:30 am

The legislature is considering several proposals concerning how gun permits are issued in the state of Iowa. Currently, the law states that each Sheriff decides who is able to carry a firearm in their county. Yet some argue that there should be more uniformity throughout the state. Marion County Sheriff Ron Goemaat says there are both pros and cons to each side of the issue. Goemaat says that it would be advantageous to have more uniformity across the state because there some sheriff’s give out permits freely, while others issue none at all. He also states that he sees the perks of the current system where each sheriff determines who can carry a firearm. Goemaat states that sheriffs tend to know the majority of people in the county he lives in and typically has a good idea of whether or not individuals are responsible; which is key in determining whether or not they should be allowed to carry a weapon.