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Pella Schools Seek Public Input on Budget Adjustments

Posted: Saturday, January 23rd, 2010 at 6:25 am

The Pella School Board is continuing the process of making adjustments to the district’s budget by accepting input from various members of the school community on how any proposed adjustments should be made. Pella Schools Superintendent Mark Wittmer says part of the input will be a ranking of various criteria that individuals think are most important when considering adjustments to the district’s budget.

“One of them is saving full-time jobs, another criteria will be impact on taxpayers, another will be the financial impact on families, the number of kids involved… All of those would be on the list.”

Wittmer says a survey has been distributed to several different groups and is also available to the public.

“We’re going to be talking with Student Councils at the Middle School and High School to let the kids get a shot at it. We’ve asked the PTO for some help, and then we’re going to be putting that same survey online for people to just go out to our website and fill out an online survey and say ‘hey, this is what we think,’ so there will be numerous opportunities for people to get involved…”

Wittmer adds that the Pella School Board should have a good sense of the outside input by the end of this month and be able to select the criteria that will be used in the budget adjustment process in February. To fill out or learn more about the survey, visit the Pella Schools website: