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Investors Gaining Confidence in Stock Market, says Financial Advisor

Posted: Saturday, February 20th, 2010 at 6:29 am

The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained points in every session this past week, closing on Friday with a 3 percent gain for the week. Though the market has continued to rebound, investors have been a bit pensive about putting money back into the market. Pat Moriarity, a Certified Financial Planner with Main Street Investments at Marion County Bank in Pella, says he’s seeing positive steps toward investor’s faith being restored.

“I think we are starting to see confidence. We are getting people to start investing in the market again, which is great,” says Moriarity. “For those who continue to put money into their 401k and ones who are investing monthly, they’re very happy today in the sense that they bought a lot of inexpensive stocks last year and they should be very pleasantly surprised with how their markets have recovered.”

Moriarity says when talking with investors, he advises them to look to what has happened in the past, as history often repeats itself in the stock market. The Dow closed on Friday up 9.45 points at 10402.35.