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Knoxville Raceway Officials Asking For Public Input to Make 50th Anniversary of Nationals A Success

Posted: Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010 at 6:31 am

Officials at the Knoxville Raceway are asking for your input to help make the 50th anniversary of the Good Year Knoxville Nationals a success for everyone involved. Brian Stickel, Marketing Ditrector for the Raceway says there has been intense debate regarding the number of laps for the championship A Main for this years Nationals and many conversations have been had on how to make the 50th anniversary of this historic event special. He says originally officials had decided that a 50 lap finale with a fuel stop to determine the chaampion would be sufficient, however that has stirred alot of intense debate amongst drivers, teams, owners, fans and officials. He says they want to do their best to make sure everyone is happy so they are asking for your input on how many laps teh event should be. He says you can log onto and cast your vote for 30 laps with no fuel stop, or 40 or 50 laps both of which would involve a fuel stop at some point.