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Super Bowl is Top Day for Food-Related Illnesses

Posted: Sunday, February 7th, 2010 at 6:29 am

Super Bowl Sunday is here, and that means plenty of game day snacks for one of the top food consumption events in America. Kathy VanNorden, Family and Consumer Science instructor at Pella High School says the Super Bowl is also the number one day for food-borne illnesses because people leave food out for too long.

To avoid making yourself or your guests sick, VanNorden says foods served hot need to be kept hot, and cold items kept cold. She adds that though it may seem wasteful, it’s also safest to throw out any food that has been “sitting” for two hours or more.

Also, VanNorden says “double-dipping” is absolutely against safe food practices, as that is the easiest way to pass germs and add contaminants to food products. She says a spoon should be used for any types of dips that will be served.