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2 Games Defined Knoxville Girls’ Season

Posted: Friday, March 5th, 2010 at 6:00 am

There may have not been one defining moment in this year’s Knoxville Girls Basketball season. However…a couple of games stick out to Coach Jim Utiermarkt. One was the game at Newton in December when the Panthers were without Sam Abens. Utiermarkt says playing without their best player…Tess Edwards and Bethany Just stepped up and filled the void. In that game Bethany Just had a career high 16 points and nailed three-three point shots. Utiermarkt says the other game was when the girls defeated Pella in the first meeting this season. He says they gained confidence and realized that the conference title could be within reach. Utiermarkt adds you never know how a team will react to not having their best player for a game and having to rely on player that are not used to being the main player on the team.