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Pleasantville Boil Order in Effect Until Noon

According to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources residents of Pleasantville were temporarily without drinking water yesterday due to a valve break at the city’s water supply plant. The break has been repaired and water service restored, but city officials recommend residents boil water or use bottled water for consumption until noon today.

Fact Sheet for Restaurants During a DNR Issued Boil Order

According to the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals, when a water boil order is issued from DNR, the following precautions should be taken by food service establishments.
1) Use only bottled water for serving drinking water or mixed drinks.
2) Use bottled water to wash and prepare food.
3) Use bottled water to wash hands before and during preparation of food, and after using the restroom.
4) Use boiled water for wash, rinse and sanitize steps in a three compartment sink. Sanitize at a chlorine concentration level of 50-100 ppm. If a quaternary ammonia sanitizer is being used, the concentration level must be no more than 200ppm
5) Refrain from using high temp dish machine, since the water does not reach boiling temperature for one minute. Use the three compartment sink method as described above in Step 4.
6) Do not use the ice machines or beverage dispensing machines, i.e. pop, coffee, juice, that are connected to the water lines.
7) After the boil order is lifted, clean and sanitized ice machines, and all beverage dispensing machines that are connected to the water lines prior to use.
For more information please call the Department of Inspections and Appeals at 515-281-6538 or Marion County EH and Public health at 641-828-2246 or 641-828-2238