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Knoxville Children Will Trick-or-Treat October 30th This Year

Posted: Thursday, April 22nd, 2010 at 6:26 am

Children in Knoxville will be trick-or-treating the day before Halloween this year, due to the holiday falling on a Sunday. The Knoxville City Council discussed this year’s Beggar’s Night at their meeting this week and decided to set a date of October 30th instead of the traditional October 31st to avoid the activities occurring on a school night. During the discussion, the council asked Police Chief Dan Losada what his thoughts were on the matter, Losada said as a traditionalist he likes Beggar’s Night to be held on Halloween but understood the reasoning behind preferring to have it on a Saturday. City Manager Dick Schrad says the decision was made early in the year so that the event could be written into the school calendar.