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Pella School Board Makes $950k in Budget Adjustments

Posted: Sunday, April 25th, 2010 at 6:21 am

In a marathon, three-and-a-half hour special meeting last Wednesday, the Pella School Board was able to reach an agreement on suggested adjustments to the 2010-2011 District budget.  Increases in revenue sources or reductions in various expenses totaled up to over $950,000 that the district had to cover to make up for losses in state funding.  

The largest single line item adjustment came in the form of $158,000 in revenue that will be made up by increasing the instructional support levy to 8 percent; but efforts to cover the budget gap went down to adjustments as little as $1,000. Adjustments were made by increasing revenue sources and reducing, splitting, or simply cutting various expenses, with the final result to be presented at the upcoming Pella School Board meeting on Monday.

For a complete list of items that were adjusted and the amounts the district will save, click the link below.