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Pella’s Public Works Prepares City for Tulip Time

Posted: Tuesday, April 27th, 2010 at 6:25 am

Pella’s 75th Annual Tulip Time festival is fast-approaching, and the Pella Public Works Department is well underway in some of the “behind-the-scenes” preparations for the popular celebration.

“There’s just a lot of items that people don’t realize [we do],” says Pella Public Works Director Denny Buyert. “For instance, we set out over 100 extra garbage cans in the Central Business District area during the event. We do a lot of the common things, joint sealing, pothole patching, street patching around town – trying to make the town look as good as it can. We also do the paint line-striping, the crosswalks, the turn lanes, all of that type of stuff. We also try to do a lot of extra street-sweeping at this time of year to get the sand and the grime picked up.”

Buyert says much of the maintenance and repair work would normally be performed, but is done sooner to be ready for the festival.

“You know it’s all really stuff you would do in a typical spring, it’s just here in Pella we have to compress the schedule and get it completed before Tulip Time.”

Buyert adds that all of the hard work put in before, during and after Tulip Time is well worth the effort, and said he was thankful to have such hard-working crews that make sure Pella looks in tip-top shape to welcome guests on May 6th through the 8th.