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Four Knoxville Students Among Elite 16 in Poetry Contest

Posted: Wednesday, May 19th, 2010 at 6:22 am
Author: KNIA/KRLS News-Spencer Dirks

The River of Words contest winners have been announced for the State of Iowa. The purpose of the organization is to teach students about their environment and to allow them to express their appreciation through poetry and art. A total of 660 submissions were made in the 7th through 9th grades, and thirty finalists were selected, with 16 in poetry. Four Knoxville Middle School students emerged among the elite 16. Evan Higginbotham was announced as the overall Iowa winner, with Alex Gibson, Paige LeeAnn Ray, and Brandon Merrill also placing as among the top 16 young poets in the state. To learn more about the contest, listen to today’s In Depth, shortly after 8, 1, and 6.

The winning poems:

Water Tranquility

Evan Higginbotham

Water is tranquil like glass.

When it is contaminated

the ripple extends to all of us.

To stop or calm the ripple

people need to change their habits…

recycling of paper in abundance,

spilling of oil extinct,

dumping of chemicals abandoned.

These are a few of the things we can work towards

to keep water tranquil like glass.

A Growing Flower

Paige LeeAnn Ray

Have you ever watched

the way a flower grows?

Her way of life

How she plays, talks, and loves

it’s like for that moment,

only you and the flower are alive.

Nothing else matters.

The way she grows,

Just like growing a flower.


Alex Gibson

Remember when

The earth could speak

and ladybugs fluttered in its trees?

Remember when

The earth shined bright

and geese were guided by its light?

Remember when

The air was fresh

and flowers and trees always took a breath


Do you remember?

Peaceful Lake

Brandon Merrill

my dad and I went fishing at the lake

it is quiet and calm making me wonder

when I will catch a fish

making me sleepy

the water tells me I should be quiet and patient

just as it is

I hope it stays peaceful