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Questionable Phone Calls Received in Pleasantville


Pleasantville Police Chief Joe Mrstik tells KNIA/KRLS news that there have been 2-3 reports in the past few days of residents receiving questionable phone calls in Pleasantville area. According to Mrstik the phone calls are being made by individuals claiming to be from a company that is replacing Medicare cards for elderly citizens. Victims are being asked to share their social security number along with complete banking information including routing and account numbers. Reports state that the callers have thick accents and are difficult to understand. The Pleasantville Police Department is investigating the calls and Mrstik says they are trying to take a proactive approach to the situation and get the word out to citizens so that they are warned prior to receiving one of these calls. Mrstik encourages persons who receive questionable calls or are asked to share personal or financial information over the phone are encouraged to hang up and contact local law enforcement.