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Tulip Time Yields Strong Retail Sales in Pella

Pella’s downtown retailers have reported very strong sales from last weekend’s Tulip Time festival. Mike Schuring, president of the Pella Chamber of Commerce and owner of Franklin Street Clothing says cold, windy weather on Friday and Saturday drove many guests inside, which greatly benefited many of Pella’s downtown businesses.

“People were coming in because they were chilly, so we were selling a little bit different items than some warmer Tulip Times,” said Schuring. “Overall, people were having a good time, I think there were still tulips that they got to enjoy, and all the festivities were very enjoyable.”

Schuring added that that this year’s Tulip Time Steering committee also deserved some credit for the success of the event.

“I think everyone on the committee needs to be commended for the hard work they put in and the fantastic job they did hosting the event.”

Schuring said that the weekend was one of the busiest he’s ever had at the store, as customers quickly snatched up hats, gloves and jackets to battle the cool temperatures, adding that he even had to pull a box of ear warmers back out of storage to meet customer demand.