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Final Unofficial Marion County Primary Election Results

Posted: Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 at 6:31 am

Final Results – 100% of precincts and absentee ballots reporting

United States Senate (D)

Roxanne Conlin 436
Tom Fiegan 49
Bob Krause 78

United States Senate (R)

Chuck Grassley 3016

United States House Representative – District 3 (R)

Brad Zaun 1126
Mark Rees 125
Jim Gibbons 966
Pat Bertroche 36
Scott Batcher 29
Jason Welch 26
David Funk 1044

United States House Representative – District 3 (D)

Leonard Boswell 495

Governor (R)

Terry Branstad 1,072
Bob Vander Plaats 2,323
Rod Roberts 225

Governor (D)

Chet Culver 441

Secretary of Agriculture (R)

Bill Northey 2,614

Secretary of Agriculture (D)

Francis Thicke 448

Iowa Secretary of State (R)

George S. Eichorn 494
Chris Sanger 635
Matt Schultz 1,457

Iowa Secretary of State (D)

Michael A. Mauro 466

Iowa State Auditor (R)

David A. Vaudt 2,485

Iowa State Treasurer (R)

James A. Heavens 738
David D. Jamison 1,641

Iowa State Treasurer (D)

Michael Fitzgerald 483

Iowa Attorney General (D)

Tom Miller 516

Iowa Attorney General (R)

Brenna Findley 2,394

District 71 House Seat (R)

Jim Van Engelenhoven 2,301
Marc Held 720

District 71 House Seat (D)

Pat VanZante 393

Iowa District 72 House Seat (D)

Deb Ballalatak 78

Iowa District 72 House Seat (R)

Richard D. Arnold 271

Board of Supervisors (R)

Craig Agan 1,624
Adam Wadle 1,145

Board of Supervisors (D)

Ray Stone 473

County Attorney (R)

Ed Bull 1,664
Ken Weiland 1,114

County Attorney (D)

Dawn Bowman 490

Marion County Treasurer (D)

Denise Emal 523

Marion County Recorder (R)

Karen Schwanebeck 2,536

The primary election results will become official when the Marion County Board of Supervisors canvass the election at their next meeting on June 14th.

Original Post: June 8, 2010 at 11:10pm