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June Was Hot Everywhere, Not Just Iowa

According to a report released last week by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), last month was the warmest June on record globally. State Climatologist Harry Hillaker says the record temperatures represent a peak in multiple years of above normal temperatures worldwide.

“For the last roughly ten to twelve years, we’ve had a lot of very warm years on a global basis, [and] many times in recent years have been close to records for monthly levels, but we haven’t quite gotten there,” said Hillaker. “June, at least according to preliminary data on a global basis, was the warmest in the historical record; which on global temperatures, is about the last 110 to 115 years.”

Hillaker says June was also warmer than normal locally, but adds that it has actually been beneficial this summer.

“For us, this year, that warmth locally has actually been a positive thing, because we’ve had so much rain that having higher temperatures results in more evaporation and helps us dry out a little bit between all of these rains we’ve been seeing,” said Hillaker. “Therefore, it has somewhat reduced the flooding potential – there certainly has been plenty of flooding just the same – but for us has actually been somewhat of a helpful thing.”

Though June was hotter than usual in Iowa, Hillaker says it was only by an average of 1.6 degrees above normal temperatures for the month, which Hillaker says made it just the 33rd warmest June in 138 years of state records.