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Shane Stewart Wins Knoxville 360 Nationals

Posted: Monday, August 9th, 2010 at 5:59 am
Author: KNIA/KRLS Sports-Derek Cardwell


Shane Stewart played cool, and drove his car where it needed, plus got some breaks to win his second 360 National Championship last night at the Knoxville Raceway. Stewart started third but fell back to fifth at the start. It seemed that pole sitter Chad Humston would dominate the race but during a yellow with seven laps in the books it was learned that Humston did not have any breaks. Track officials allowed him to continue and two laps later, he drifted high off of turn four and hit the wall. After stopping in the middle of the front stretch, Johnny Herrera hit his front end and tumbled another 30 feet bringing out the red. Both Humston and Herrera were able to walk away with no apparent injuries. That gave the lead to Stewart who never gave it back even though there were four more yellow flags including one on the white flag lap, and if that was not enough eventual runner-up Sammy Swindell was breathing down his neck. Stewart said later that was thought he could pass Humston but after he fell out, it was a guessing game as to where he could run. Stewart added that they never his lapped traffic during the race which was another break he credited with the win. Jason Johnson took third with Dustin Selvage fourth and Bronson Maeschen fifth. The 410s had their final show before the Knoxville Nationals next week…and Johnny Herrera while crashing in the 360 A-Main took first place in the 410 A-Main.


360 Nationals results

E Feature, 8 laps, No Time: 1. David Hall, Des Moines IA; 2. Chad Heimbaugh, Pleasant Hill IA; 3. Dave Glennon, Casselton ND; 4. Jody Rosenboom, Rock Rapids IA; 5. Kevin Ingle, Huron SD; 6. Nate Mosher, Prairie City IA; 7. Brian Parker, Midlothian TX; 8. Jim Moughan Jr., Springfield IL; 9. Mike Hess, Springfield IL; 10. Jordan Martens, Sioux Falls SD; 11. Alan Ambers, Knoxville IA; 12. Doc Sloan, Imperial MO; 13. Joey Moughan, Springfield IL; 14. Joe Riedel, Harrisburg SD; 15. Alan Zoutte, Knoxville IA; 16. Colin Entwisle, Baypark, NZ ;
D Feature, 10 laps, 2:49.9: 1. Ricky Logan, Little Rock AR; 2. Dustin Morgan, Tulsa OK; 3. Austin Alumbaugh, Higginsville MO; 4. Jesse Giannetto, Cedar Rapids IA; 5. Tony Shilling, Knoxville IA; 6. Zach Zimmerly, Ridgefield WA; 7. David Hall, Des Moines IA; 8. Channin Tankersley, Highlands TX; 9. Nate Van Haaften, Otley IA; 10. Joe Beaver, Knoxville IA; 11. Nate Mosher, Prairie City IA; 12. Dave Glennon, Casselton ND; 13. Chad Heimbaugh, Pleasant Hill IA; 14. Donovan Peterson, Brookings SD; 15. Mike Hess, Springfield IL; 16. Kevin Ingle, Huron SD; 17. Brian Parker, Midlothian TX; 18. Casey Friedrichsen, Arthur IA; 19. Jim Moughan Jr., Springfield IL; 20. Rob Kubli, Milo IA; 21. John Gaston, Peoria AZ; 22. Jody Rosenboom, Rock Rapids IA;
C Feature, 12 laps, 3:27.9: 1. Danny Heskin, St. Michael MN; 2. Jamie Ball, (R) Knoxville IA; 3. Randy Martin, California MO; 4. Kyle Hirst, Loomis CA; 5. RJ Johnson, Tampa FL; 6. Justyn Cox, Clarksburg CA; 7. Chad Meyer, Sioux Falls SD; 8. Jake Ossenfort, Rapid City SD; 9. Mitch Olson, Tacoma WA; 10. Dylan Peterson, Sioux Falls SD; 11. Jonathan Cornell, Sedalia MO; 12. Ricky Logan, Little Rock AR; 13. Kolt Walker, Graham TX; 14. Jesse Giannetto, Cedar Rapids IA; 15. Kyle Sager, Alto NM; 16. Jake Martens, Fairview OK; 17. Dustin Morgan, Tulsa OK; 18. Austin Alumbaugh, Higginsville MO; 19. Dennis Moore Jr., Grinnell IA; 20. Kelly Miller, Stirling, ALB, Can. ; 21. DJ Brink, Sturgis SD; 22. Don Young, Bartlett TN;
B Feature, 15 laps, 4:17.2 NEW TRACK RECORD: 1. Tim Kaeding, San Jose CA; 2. Brooke Tatnell, Sans Souci, NSW, Aust. ; 3. Davey Heskin, St. Michael MN; 4. Matt Moro, Polk City IA; 5. Clint Garner, Sioux Falls SD; 6. Lee Grosz, Harwood ND; 7. Gary Wright, Hooks TX; 8. Gregg Bakker, Sioux Falls SD; 9. Zach Chappell, Talala OK; 10. Jon Agan, Knoxville IA; 11. Tim Crawley, Benton AR; 12. Eric Baldaccini, Keller TX; 13. Bryan Dobesh, Sioux Falls SD; 14. Rager Phillips, Pleasantville IA; 15. Ryan Roberts, Aurora NE; 16. Danny Heskin, St. Michael MN; 17. Josh Higday, Des Moines IA; 18. Robby Wolfgang, Sioux Falls SD; 19. Billy Alley, Lincoln NE; 20. Kyle Hirst, Loomis CA; 21. Jamie Ball, (R) Knoxville IA; 22. Randy Martin, California MO;
A Feature, 25 laps, No Time: 1. Shane Stewart, Bixby OK; 2. Sammy Swindell, Germantown TN; 3. Jason Johnson, Eunice LA; 4. Dustin Selvage, Indianola IA; 5. Bronson Maeschen, Pleasantville IA; 6. Jack Dover, Springfield NE; 7. Tony Bruce Jr., Liberal KS; 8. Danny Wood, Norman OK; 9. Tim Kaeding, San Jose CA; 10. Bud Kaeding, Campbell CA; 11. Scott Winters, Butterfield MN; 12. Matt Covington, Glenpool OK; 13. Darren Long, Elida OH; 14. Johnny Anderson, Indianola IA; 15. Cale Conley, Vienna WV; 16. Matt Moro, Polk City IA; 17. Jamie Veal, Warrnambool, VIC, Aust. ; 18. Randy Hannagan, Pittsboro IN; 19. Brady Bacon, Broken Arrow OK; 20. Davey Heskin, St. Michael MN; 21. Brooke Tatnell, Sans Souci, NSW, Aust. ; 22. Chad Humston, Giltner NE; 23. Johnny Herrera, Albuquerque NM; 24. Brian Brown, Grain Valley MO. Lap Leaders: Humston 1-9; Stewart 1-25