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County Supervisor Candidates Weigh in On Judge Retention Vote

Three Iowa Supreme Court justices are up for retention this year and some want them removed due in part to their decision to legalize gay marriage. KNIA/KRLS news asked our Marion County Attorney Candidates how they feel about the issue. Republican candidate Ed Bull says it’s appropriate for the voting public to educate themselves on the judges and after careful consideration cast a ballot for or against retention. He says he doesn’t believe there is anything inappropriate with the public voting No on judges or any other ballot matter, so long as it is an educated vote and hopes the voting public takes the time to review each issue they are going to vote on. Democratic candidate Dawn Bowman believes the current system our state uses for selecting judges works well to protect judicial independence. She says that judges should be removed only if they have proven to be unfit to continue to serve and not thrown out based on judicial opinion.