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Residents Reminded to Shovel Sidewalks and Around Fire Hydrants

With snow in the forecast residents are reminded that they need to make sure they shovel the sidewalks and around fire hydrants near their homes and businesses. Knoxville Community Service Officer Arlene Worrall says there is a city ordinance in Knoxville that gives the responsibility of snow and ice removal on sidewalks to the property owner. The ordinance states that all sidewalks should be cleared within 24 hours of the snowfall ending. Worrall says there is a list of contacts she calls when sidewalks are not taken care of who will shovel the area and the city then bills the property owner for those services. In addition, fines can be assessed for not obeying the rules and responsibilities.

In addition, Knoxville Police Chief Mike Roberts asks that residents also clear snow around fire hydrants. An international Fire Code requires that residents clear a radius of at least 3 feet around hydrants. Roberts says that whether it’s illegal or not, it’s common sense to make sure hydrants are easily accessible. There is always the possibility of a fire and if residents want a quick response fire fighters will need to be able to access a water source.