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Pruning Encouraged to Help Prevent Breakage from Heavy Snow and Ice

This winter has been a rather dry one thus far and residents are encouraged to take advantage of this time to help protect their trees and shrubs from potential damage once we do receive a heavy snowfall. Marion County Extension Office Program Director Dale Miller says snow and ice can weigh down dead or weak tree limbs and recommends trimming them to prevent breakage. He says with the leaves off the trees now is a good time to prune them.

Fortunately, Miller says even if the trees are damaged there is hope. He says last year we saw many trees tipped over due to the heavy snow and ice but it is possible to carefully remove the snow from the limbs and prop the tree up until it grows straight again.

Miller says it has been a nice break so far this winter after a large amount of snow last year and a rainy spring but it’s always important to be prepared for winter weather.