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Supervisors Discuss a Variety of Issues

The Marion County Board of Supervisors met in special session yesterday to discuss a variety of issues. Among the items discussed were that of eliminating duplicity in board appointments. Supervisor Craig Agan brought up the matter because he stated there are many great people in Marion County and he wishes get more people involved. Agan will draft up a resolution that will be reviewed by the board at a future meeting.

Also discussed was board meeting format in terms of public participation. Again, this was a matter brought forward my Supervisor Agan who stated he feels it’s important to allow the public to voice their thoughts and opinions. Supervisor Jim Kingery agreed while Board Chair Sam Nichols stated the public currently has an opportunity to speak at the beginning of the meeting during the public comment portion of the agenda. The board plans to add a statement on the agenda that says the public may comment though statements are limited to 3 minutes.

Also discussed were amendments to secondary roads policy 16 in regards to repair to transportation facilities. Attorney Ed Bull made some language changes to the proposed policy and though the board could not take action on the matter they stated that the policy was satisfactory and plan to approve it at the next meeting.

Discussion continued in regards to repairs and installation of equipment at the Community Action Building and County Care Facility respectively. Along with a review and discussion in regards to Aging Resources appointment recommendation by Supervisor Kingery and reorganizing of office space allocation in the Marion County Courthouse.