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The Kids are Back Part 8: Learning and Vision

Dr. Jason Maasdam with Eye Health Solutions in Knoxville is one of my favorite people to talk with. We often have wide ranging conversations about any number of topics, but one of the things that always impresses me is his fascination with science.

And when our conversations turn to the science of the eye and vision–that’s where his real passion emerges. I asked him about the role of vision in the learning process, and learned many points of interest to parents.

Among them is the fact that vision is part of approximately 80% of learning. As such, if children are having vision problems, they are at a disadvantage when it comes to learning effectively.

As children grow, they eye grows as well, and growth may impact vision. Children need to get their vision checked once a year, beginning in preschool.

Importantly, we need to remember that children may actually have vision problems without even knowing it, and parents might not notice it either.

The full interview can be heard by clicking below.