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Elderly Should Be Careful of “Grandparents Scam”

KNIA/KRLS has learned of more instances of elderly citizens being hit by a phone scam. The scam is called the “grandparents scam”. Knoxville Police Chief Dan Losada says that in often consists of one person posing as a grandchild or another loved one claiming to be some sort of danger or trouble with the law. They will ask for money to be transfered to get out of their situation. Losada says another person may pose as a law enforcement agent or some sort of authority.

Losada advises that before you give any money to help out in the situation, you should confirm with a third party that the loved one is where they say they are. Some locations that are commonly used are Mexico or Canada. Even if if the supposed grandchild asks you not to call their parents, you must do so if it’s the only way to verify the situation.