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Knoxville School Board Discusses Changes to Code of Conduct Violations

Posted: Sunday, April 29th, 2012 at 6:22 am
Author: KNIA/KRLS News-Aaron Gernes

The Knoxville School District is revising its Code of Conduct policies, with plans to change ineligibility punishments for next school year. High School principal Kevin Crawford and Athletic Director Randy Wilson discussed with the school board the preliminary plans their committee has made thus far.

A major change is in the way Code of Conduct violations are counted. Currently, a student can have two violations in a 12-month period with varying punishments of ineligibility. If they receive a third one, they are completely ineligible for extra-curricular activities. Each individual violation is then removed after 12 months have passed since its occurrence. Crawford suggested moving toward a system taking the entire high school career into account. He says that as the plan currently stands, students could receive up to four code of conduct violations during high school, with increasing ineligibility punishments after each one. After the fifth violation, they are ineligible for extra-curriculars for their entire career.

The School Board, Crawford, and Wilson discussed many other aspects of the plan. Crawford and Wilson said they will take suggestions back to the committee and work to present a more complete plan this summer.