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Local Authorities Rely on KNIA/KRLS During Severe Weather

Severe Weather Awareness Week continues today with a discussion on weather warnings. Marion County Emergency Management Coordinator Jeff Anderson tells KNIA/KRLS News that there are three main ways people can gather weather warnings when the power goes out. He says that as the weather season gets underway this month, you should be sure you have a battery-powered AM/FM radio so you can listen to KNIA/KRLS for the local severe weather information. Anderson says that the emergency management offices are in constant contact with KNIA/KRLS during severe weather situations so we can relay the necessary information to you.

He says another great tool is a weather radio. The weather radio will wake you up to let you know when severe weather is headed our way. Anderson adds that the outdoor warning sirens are also of great importance for those traveling and working outside.

Marcia Slycord, Communications Supervisor at the Pella Police Department tells KNIA/KRLS News that when a warning is issued they stay in constant communication with KNIA/KRLS. She says that having a local radio station is invaluable when they need to get the word out about blocked streets or other hazards, and she suggests that people listen to KNIA/KRLS for updates.