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IN DEPTH–The Kids Are Back–Back to School. The Importance of Sleep

[1]Debbie Mock knows sleep. She also believes in it, and making sure that all of us get enough of it. How hard is that, in this day and age? As we all know, getting enough sleep is very difficult with our modern busy lives. With respect to our kids getting enough sleep, Debbie’s approach is no-nonsense. Here are a few things that I learned during our interview:

1. Our kids are smarter with sleep. Without good sleep, they won’t realize their full potential.

2. Everyone needs a bedtime. Kids up to ten or eleven need to get to bed by 8PM. Parents need to be strict and consistent. Talk with your kids.

3. It would be better for our teenagers if school started at 9 or 10AM. But since it doesn’t, they too need to be sure that they go to bed early, to get a minimum of nine hours of sleep.

4. Our teenager shouldn’t take their cell phone to bed with them. Some teens text intermittently all night long–which is very bad for them.

5. Caffeine is very bad for our kids. According to Debbie, it is the most abused drug in the country. Absolutely no energy drinks, no coffee at all. If one wants a hot beverage, green tea is fine. Water is best.

Debbie says that to be successful in getting your children the appropriate amount of sleep–be a good role model, and talk with your kids about the importance of sleep. Debbie speaks with conviction, authority, and has some great information. I hope you enjoy the interview.