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Lasoski Takes Night 1 Of The 360 Nationals

Danny Lasoski had not won a 360 A-Main at the Knoxville Raceway since he won the 360 Nationals back in 1995, that 19 year dry spell came to an end last night in Night one of the 22nd Annual Arnold Motor Supply 360 Nationals as he held off a pesky Jonathan Cornell who would blow a tire coming down for the checkered flag to get the win. Lasoski started third in the 24 car field and took the lead from Cornell on lap five. Lasoski briefly surrendered the lead for two laps before taking the lead back for good on lap 14 of the 20-lap race. Lasoski’s nephew Brian Brown charged from 19th starting position to second while Kevin Swindell completed the podium in third place. Rounding out the top five were Jack Dover and Cornell whose blown tire relegated him to fifth. The points after night one has Swindell and Brady Bacon tied with 480. Tonight is night two of the 360 Nationals and a tough field awaits with former winners Wayne Johnson, Gary Wright, and Two-Time Defending Champion Shane Stewart. Our coverage on KNIA/KRLS begins at six with Live Track Side and 7:15 with Race Night’s Live.

A main Night 1 360 Nationals
1. Danny Lasoski
2. Brian Brown
3. Kevin Swindell
4. Jack Dover
5. Jonathan Cornell
6. Brad Sweet
7. Brady Bacon
8. Paul McMahan
9. Ryan Anderson
10. Kyle Larson
11. Jesse Giannetto
12. Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
13. Clint Garner
14. Tony Shilling
15. RJ Johnson
16. Henry Van Dam
17. Terry McCarl
18. Jake Martens
19. Bobby Mincer
20. Tony Norem
21. Danny Jennings
22. Logan Forler
23. Randy Hannagan
24. Jon Agan
Lap Leaders: Cornell 1-4, Lasoski 5-11, Cornell 12-13, Lasoski 14-20.

Points After Night 1 360 Nationals:
1.Kevin Swindell-480
2.Brady Bacon-480
3.Danny Lasoski-479
4.Jack Dover-471
5.Paul McMahan-467
6.Clint Garner-464
7.Jonathan Cornell-462
8.Ryan Anderson-459
9.Brad Sweet-451
10.Randy Hannagan-448
11.Jesse Giannetto-434
12.Kyle Larson-432
13.Jon Agan-430
14.Randy Martin-424
15.Tony Shilling-422
16.Terry McCarl-422
17.Brian Brown-421
18.Jake Martens-419
19.Danny Jennings-416
20.Logan Forler-415
21.Henry VanDam-413
22.Bobby Mincer-413
23.R.J. Johnson-408
24.Tony Norem-397
25.Ricky Stenhouse Jr. 396
26.Matt Moro-387
27.Josh Higday-379
28.Russ Hall-364
29.Dave Hall-359
30.Mark Pace-356
31.Matt Covington-345
32.Jac Haudenchild-345
33.Danny Smith-344
34.Dustin Selvage-344
35.J.D. Johnson-343
36.Jared Horstman-334
37.Larry Howery-331
38.Davey Heskins-328
39.Derek Hagar-321
40.Ryan Roberts-320
41.Daryn Pittman-319
42.Kyle Bellm-313
43.Kevin Ingle-309
44.Tasker Phillips-301
45.Alan Ambers-300
46.Thomas Kennedy-289
47.Aaron Reutzel-284
48.Dustin Morgan-272
49.Justin Carver-268
50.Lee Grosz-265
51.Shawn Petersen-254
52.Ray Allen Kulhanek-238
53.Chris Ackland-223
54.Alan Zoutte-217
55.Rick Wright Jr.-210
56.Joe Beaver-195