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City of Knoxville Begins Plans for Relining Wastewater Pipes

Stewart [1]

Knoxville City Manager Harold Stewart says the city will soon be relining sewer pipes as they work to meet Iowa DNR regulations. Stewart explains that the city is in the midst of future plans to make upgrades to their wastewater treatment and water retention systems. To efficiently do that, he says the city will first look to stop infiltration of stormwater runoff into the sewer system. Stewart says because much of the infrastructure is older, cracks and holes allow groundwater to enter the wastewater system. That causes lots of ebbs and flows in the amount of water being treated, especially during rainstorms.

Stewart says relining the pipes will cost about $4.8 million over the next five years – about half as much as replacing the pipes. The new lining should last at least 20 years, and Stewart says some estimates give the lifespan 30-50 years. The linings will stop stormwater from infiltrating with sewage and give city officials a more accurate take on how much water needs to be treated and retained. Stewart explains those accurate figures will likely keep the City from making upgrades that are bigger and costlier than necessary.