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Spending Cuts Nearing at Month’s End

Start bracing for sequestration. That’s what Senator Chuck Grassley tells KNIA/KRLS News. The across-the-board cuts are set to take effect on March 1st, with 50 percent hitting defense and 50 percent hitting non-defense items. Those cuts were put in as a poison pill by Congress during the debt ceiling fight of 2011, but now they may become reality.

Grassley says they would like to have a compromise to lesson the harshness of the cuts, but blames President Obama for not sitting down with Congress to negotiate it. Grassley says he doesn’t necessarily think the sequester cuts are the right ways to cut spending, but says it’s a better alternative than growing the deficit. Grassley explains he especially doesn’t like the defense cuts, noting defense is half the cuts but just 19 percent of the budget. He hopes the cuts will bring the president to the table to sit down and discuss more manageable ways to cut spending.