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Budget Discussions Ongoing in Des Moines

Among the major points of discussion at the Iowa Capitol right now are budgets for the upcoming year. Democrats have said they want to use some of the $800 million of surplus funds to spend on education and job creation, increasing the state budget by around 11 percent year-over-year.

Republican Senator Amy Sinclair has voted against almost all of those budget proposals – she says it’s irresponsible to use the one-time surplus funds for continuous spending measures. House Republicans want to limit spending increases to around 3 percent and give the surplus money back to taxpayers.

Sinclair also says that she’s also like to see money reinvested back into deteriorating infrastructure. She tells KNIA/KRLS News that the final budgets will likely be decided by a 10-member conference committee, who will negotiate the difference between plans passed by House Republicans and Senate Democrats.