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Inflow/Infiltration Ordinance Would Assess Violators Monthly Fee

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The Knoxville City Council will consider a proposal regarding inflow and infiltration into city sewer mains at upcoming meetings. City Manager Harold Stewart explains it’s part of the process as they work to meet DNR regulations. He says the goal is to eliminate stormwater from mixing with wastewater, which would decrease the necessary capacity and costs of their eventual wastewater treatment plant expansion and instillation of retention basin.

Stewart says that they will be having the City’s sewer mains lined to prevent outside water from infiltrating, but the DNR is also asking them to take action regarding private lines. He explains the ordinance would motivate homeowners to disconnect things like roof drains and foundation drains from draining into the private sewer lines by assessing a 50 dollar monthly fee. Those drains are ways that stormwater enters the sewer main and creates more wastewater. Stewart adds the City is offering financial assistance in those projects. The ordinance is being taken up for action at the next City Council meeting on April 15th.