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Training at Courthouse a “Valuable Experience”

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Shortly after 6PM last Tuesday, alarms began ringing at the Marion County Courthouse, and a training exercise began. Knoxville Fire and Rescue, the Knoxville Township Rural Fire Department, and the Marion County Sheriff’s Department. When the departments arrived, they encountered a simulated hostage situation with an active shooter. Several firefighters and two children assumed the role of victims.

Marion County Deputy DJ Reed and Lt. Justin Kingrey subdued the gunman played by Knoxville Rural Fire member Jay Pratt and rescued an 8 year old hostage, played by Johanna Leonard. 11 year old Asa Leonard also played a shot hostage victim. Knoxville Rural FD Training Officer Austin Kingrey tells KNIA/KRLS News that the training was an important learning opportunity. Lt. Justin Kingrey, Deputy Reed, and Sheriff Jason Sandholt also shared that the training was extremely valuable.

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