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Police Officers Reflect During National Police Week

It’s police week, and time to reflect on how our law enforcement officers serve and protect us all. Lt. Shane Cox, with the Pella Police Department, says he enjoys being a police officer in Pella, and that he believes that the community and the PD have a great relationship. He adds that while Pella is a great community–bad things do happen, and that the training they receive as members of the department help prepare them to respond to any situation.

Knoxville Police Chief Dan Losada says being a police officer is a great job because you get to help people, which he says is the highest calling a person can have. However, Losada notes it can be traumatic. He says he’s been at an agency where an officer was shot and killed, and has to a number of cop funerals. Losada explains you can’t walk away from those without feeling a sense of loss. Losada says since 1791, 19,980 officers have died in the line of duty. He calls that a tremendous burden, but adds law enforcement is still a great profession. It’s a unique position, Losada explains, because you have a tremendous amount of power in the community and must use it wisely.