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AAA Study on Hands Free Devices

Hands free used to mean talking on your cell phone, but nowadays, cars allow you to make calls, change radio stations, operate your windshield wipers, and even update Facebook with the push of a button. A new study released by AAA finds those hands free options, are in no way risk free. During the study, cameras were mounted on the dashboard to track head and eye movement using special EEG skull caps to chart brain wave activity. Gail Weinholzer from AAA says that every aspect of the research conclusively shows that distracted drivers aren’t even aware that they’re distracted. Pella Police Chief Robert Bokinsky adds that while hands free devices are safer than texting, holding the phone, or looking at the phone to dial, you are still distracted while driving and that is never a good thing. AAA conducted a national survey in 2012 and 71% of all drivers believed that hands-free is risk-free and 50% of all drivers believed infotainment systems are not distracting.