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Loebsack Talks with Veterans Regarding Care

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Congressman Dave Loebsack says there will be lots of things to think about as troops continue to be drawn down overseas. Loebsack met with veterans in Marion County this past Tuesday. He says that bipartisan efforts have led to increased resources within the VA system over the past few years. Loebssack adds he’s happy incentives were passed for hiring veterans after service.

Still, Loebsack knows there’s more to be done. Suicides and healthcare were among the topics brought up at the meeting. Loebsack says the increased number of new community-based outpatient clinics have helped efficiency in care. He adds that TriCare, the military health care program, will not be impacted by the Affordable Care Act. Loebsack also thanks the Veteran Service Organizations for all their work in communicating with veterans and letting them know about the benefits they’ve earned.