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RAGBRAI Information

20,000 cyclists are expected to take over the Tulip City in just over two weeks, and the Pella Chamber of Commerce still has volunteer opportunities they are looking to fill. Below are ride right and route letters letting citizens know what to expect when RAGBRAI rolls through, and a detailed route map. You can also volunteer by calling the Pella Chamber of Commerce at 628-2626. The first cyclists are expected to enter the city at approximately 6am and leave for Oskaloosa at around 2pm.

Route Letter from the Pella Chamber of Commerce
Greetings route neighbor:

RAGBRAI is coming through Pella on Thursday, July 25. We want to help you be ready for this event. We hope the information below about safety along the route, will help you to be prepared for this event. You will see cyclists for many hours! We expect more than 20,000 bicycle riders and thousands more support people to pass through town. Welcome them, cheer them on, clap for them! The riders will enter Pella on Idaho Dr./University St. after crossing the dam. They will turn left onto Broadway and head to the square. Several blocks around the square will be closed for the day. When they are ready to leave, they will exit south on Main St., to South St. and down elevator road. Pella is also the meeting town. Support vehicles will proceed through town on Washington St., parking in a variety of lots near the square and on open side streets. Riders can meet with their support vehicles if needed at this time. The support vehicles will exit town on Vermeer Road over to 163.

¸ Keep an eye open for debris or any hazards on the right side of the road.

¸ Please limit automobile use between 6 a.m. and 2 p.m. if possible.

¸ If you have to go to work, be sure to leave early.

¸ Keep in mind, you may be held liable if someone gets hurt on your property.

¸ If you put a food/drink stand up – try to keep it on the right side. The majority of roads will not be closed. By doing this, you will keep cyclists from crossing in front of traffic.

¸ If you do provide a food/drink stand, it would be wise to contact the county health department to be sure you comply with food and beverage laws. It is also good to know that very few riders will stop at the bottom of a hill.

¸ If you have young children who ride bicycles, please do not allow them to jump in and follow along. This is a safety hazard. Please keep them and younger children away from the route.

¸ If you have pets, keep them in a pen or leashed.

¸ Please do not spray the cyclists with water! This distracts them and my hurt their electronic equipment.

¸ Handing things to riders or giving high fives is fun BUT DANGEROUS – and is discouraged. The riders will leave Pella and head to Oskaloosa for an overnight stay via Bussey and Beacon.

On behalf of Pella’s RIDE RIGHT committee, we want to make this a fun event. Please join in by helping the riders to be safe. Many will be from out of state and even from different countries. Show them you’re Pella PRIDE and Dutch hospitality.

If you have any questions, please contact the Pella Police Department or Pella’s RAGBRAI planning team. Thanks for reading this information and enjoy the day as the parade of bicycles ride by your home.

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