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School Resource Officer Hucks Getting Comfortable in Role

Knoxville students are getting used to seeing a new face around the buildings. Officer Kenny Hucks started as School Resource Officer at the school district last week. Hucks says that he goes to every school every day. There’s no particular pattern, he explains, though he tries to make sure he sees kids during recesses, lunch times, and study halls.

Hucks says that his role is to serve as a liaison between the school system and police department. He notes that there is an “us versus them” mentality teenagers hold with law enforcement; he wants to get them away from that. Hucks says it’s important to build a trusting relationship with students of all ages and make them feel comfortable around law enforcement. He adds that there is a good structure already in town with the teachers, school administrators, and officers; he wants to ensure that the students feel comfortable talking to him about any issues they may have.