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Weiler Machine Plays Important Role on Bay Bridge

A product made by Weiler in Knoxville played a big role in a project on one of the nation’s most important bridges. Weiler Sales Manager Nigel McKay tells KNIA/KRLS News that their transfer vehicle was used while the Bay Bridge was paved in northern California. He explains that a transfer vehicle is what transports asphault from a truck to the paver. Weiler’s transfer vehicle is half the weight of their competition’s vehicle, something McKay says has helped land them bridge jobs like this one. He says they worked with a dealership and large contractor, and had two of those vehicles on the bridge at all times. One was sitting idle in case the other broke down. The Bay Bridge is a part of I-80 and is the seventh-longest bridge in the nation. McKay says that the project was featured in a national news story and the Weiler logo was shown prominently.