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Brown Wins A-Main

Posted: Friday, August 8th, 2014 at 6:09 am
Author: Dr. Bob Leonard


Brian Brown of Grain Valley, MO, wins this year’s opener for the 54th Annual FVP Knoxville Nationals.

It’s Brown’s third victory of the week during Southern Iowa Sprintweek. Sam Hafertepe, Jr. came in second in the 25-lap race, while Aussie Kerry Madsen finished third.

Race fans also got to see racing legend Steve Kinser round the track during last night’s qualifying. Kinser, who’s participating in his final Knoxville Nationals as a World of Outlaws driver, finished 12th in the B Main Race.

Here are all of Thursday night’s A Main Results:

1. 21 Brian Brown Grain Valley, MO No Time 0
2. 15H Sam Hafertepe Jr. Sunnyvale, TX No Time 0
3. 29 Kerry Madsen St. Marys, NSW, Aust No Time 0
4. 24 Terry McCarl Altoona, IA No Time 0
5. 82 Bryan Clauson Noblesville, IN No Time 0
6. 51 Paul McMahan Nashville, TN No Time 0
7. 41 Jason Johnson Eunice, LA No Time 0
8. 71M Joey Saldana Brownsburg, IN No Time 0
9. 40 Clint Garner Sioux Falls, SD No Time 0
10. 4A Jon Agan Knoxville, IA No Time 0
11. 55J Ian Madsen St. Marys, NSW, Aust No Time 0
12. 17W Cole Wood Auburn, CA No Time 0
13. 17B Bill Balog Brookfield, WI No Time 0
14. 10 Matt Moro Polk City, IA No Time 0
15. 6R Ryan Bunton Morton, IL No Time 0
16. 94 Jeff Swindell Bartlett, TN No Time 0
17. 4 Cody Darrah Red Lion, PA No Time 0
18. 3G James McFadden Ormeau, QLD, Aust. No Time 0
19. 51S Stevie Smith Broken Arrow, OK No Time 0
20. 24H Brandon Wimmer Fairmount, IN No Time 0
21. 63 Chad Kemenah Elvada, OH No Time 0
22. 71 Kevin Swindell Bartlett, TN No Time 0
23. 53D Jack Dover Springfield, NE No Time 0
24. 1B Sheldon Haudenschild Wooster, OH No Time 0